You’ve built a great SaaS product.

Sometimes, your customers cancel, seemingly out of the blue. When they do, you find out that they were never even onboarded properly, or that they didn’t have enough time to set up their account, or that they weren’t getting enough value. Maybe they were slowly getting fed up with little points of friction in your app that you weren’t even aware of. You find yourself sending customers into your carefully crafted onboarding process, and then crossing your fingers at the end of their trial, hoping that it all worked and that they won’t cancel.

You’re sick and tired of not knowing why your customers are canceling.

You've got metrics and all sorts of useful stats, but you've realized that fancy charts only help so much. There’s a disconnect between the points on the graphs and the actual people who are paying you. You don’t have enough time in the day to translate the data into concrete actions that will help you keep more customers.

There’s got to be a better way.

What if you could identify customers who were in danger of canceling, before they ever hit the cancel button? What if you could reach out to them at just the right time? What if you could address minor issues before they became big problems? How many more customers could you retain? How much revenue could you save?

That’s what you get with Retained. You get to see exactly what your customers are doing. You see exactly when they are in danger of cancellation, and why. Then, Retained tells you how to get them out of danger. You get to see when trials are unsuccessful, and you get the chance to turn them around before they end. You see when your current customers aren’t getting all that they can out of your app. You see what your most successful customers look like, so that you can get more customers like them. You find out how your customers really feel about your app.

Retained is X-Ray vision for your SaaS app.

It shows you the people behind all those rows in your database. Your customers are more than just data. Your customers are people with feelings. So, that's exactly the way Retained treats them.

Customer Sentiment

With Retained, you can find out how your customers are feeling about your app and reach out to them before a major problem arises.

Value Metrics

And you can see how much financial or other quantitative value your app is providing to each customer. That gives you the opportunity to make sure everyone is getting the most out of your product.

Cancellation Reasons

When Retained senses that someone may be on the verge of cancellation, you're shown exactly why they might cancel and also why they may have gotten to that point.

How does it work?

We help you to identify the features and actions that are most important for your customers to achieve success with your app. You send data about them into Retained using a JavaScript snippet. We turn that information into insights that you can use, and actions that you can take to keep more of your customers.

Intelligent Churn Prediction with Reasons

Retained predicts customers who are likely to churn. Then, it tells you why, in plain English.

Trials In Danger

See trials that are in danger before they end, so you can help them to be successful.

Successful Trials

Find out who's made it through onboarding successfully. You don't have to worry about these people canceling before their first charge rolls around!


Find out how your customers actually feel about your app, and why. Sentiments are a low-friction way to learn about little things that bug your customers, so that you can resolve them before they get fed up and cancel.

Customer Profiles

Easily see all of the most important information about your customers at a glance, so you can see exactly what they've done and haven't done in your app. You can pass whatever information you'd like to Retained for each customer, and we'll put it right on their profile page for you.

Why should you trust us to help with customer retention?

We’ve been running successful SaaS apps for over 6 years. We’ve identified the most common reasons that our customers cancel across all of our apps. Then, we turned what we’ve learned into a method that we’ve used to retain thousands of customers. Retained automates our process and lets you easily apply it to your own app.

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